Zero Emission power trains

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FCEV powertrain

We can help you as a company develop a hydrogen powered vehicle of a current diesel model with hydrogen you have the possibility to refill in 3 minutes and take more energy with you without compromising payload.

BEV powertrain

A Battery electric power train is perfect for smalles and lighter vehicles who are used for shorter distances we can help your company develop your diesel vehicle into a battery electric vehicle.

CNG Powertrain

A CNG powertrain has less emissions than a diesel powertrain and makes your vehicle more suitable for the future CNG is a way of injecting gas on the current diesel / gasoline engine to make it more efficient.


Ready for the future

With our powertrains your vehicle is more suitable for the future and emits less emissions so you can keep using your current models when there comes a ban on certain fuels in innner city's

Low maintanance

Holthausen Clean technology her power trains are low in maintanance so you as a customer has less costs for operating your vehicles and make them more efficient.


The powertrains we develop are not only state of the art but are also reliable in usage so you get as less downtime as possible on your vehicle.

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