The Hydrogen HH-DAF-XF chassis

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High payload

The HH-DAF-XF chassis almost has the same weight as a conventional DAF LF chassis so the vehicle can be used the same as a regular diesel variant

Same performance

The HH-DAF-XF chassis is made to operate and work the same way as a diesel DAF LF chassis so the operater wont notice the difrence except its silent and zero emission

Fast refill

The HH-DAF-XF chassis is able to be filled in 8 minutes and can be refilled at all hydrogen stations at a pressure of 350 bar.

Available as


The HH-DAF-XF chassis is available in a Full operational lease or a financial lease for our customers with a lease you know what your monthly costs will be for operating and so lower your total cost of owner ship


The HH-DAF-XF chassis is also available for purchase so the vehicle will be yours the HH-DAF-XF chassis is deliverd including a standard warranty and can also be ordered with a service contract for maintanance


There is also a solution for renting a HH-DAF-XF for special occasions or jobs. we offer the HH-DAF-XF chassis as some standard models for renting for more info please contact us.

Available models


The HH-DAF-XF is available as an empty chassis with a possibility for a PTO on the gearbox so you as a customer can decide what you want to do with the vehicle in the end.

Sewage cleaning truck

The HH-DAF-XF is available as a sewage cleaning truck solution as one of the standard models with a suitable pto on the gearbox.

Refuse Truck

The HH-DAF-XF is also available as a refuse truck for refuse collecting in inner citys and urban areas with our custimized drive train for these type of vehicles

Box Truck

The HH-DAF-XF is available as a box truck and is perfect for inner city and long distance transport og doos with zero emissions.


The HH-DAF-XF puller is a strong 40T puller that is perfect for using in combination for trailer transport solutions with its high range and high payload

Crane truck

A HH-DAF-XF crane truck is perfect for container transport with the PTO integrated on the gearbox you can choose our own preffered buildup solution.

Inquir your HH-DAF-XF now and start doing your job zero emission!

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